I work with forward-thinking people & businesses that make an impact in the world.

I am on a mission to help as many people as I can through my work, words and philanthropy during my short life time. I believe that big things can happen from small things, and every sunrise is a new beginning to start doing small things that make a big impact in this world.

Who I am

I'm just another ordinary person with extraordinary dreams. A big fan of Sunrise, hot espresso and old books that I can smell. I'm in love with this world despite all its negativity, hunger, poverty & war. I love networking with people who think like me and people who do not think like me. I believe everyone in this world is equally important and has an important role to play. I believe that people who fail are as important as people who succeed.

What I Do

I'm a Fund Manager, Independent Contractor, Director of a small company, Founder of a small non-profit and a struggling Entrepreneur. My strengths are my ability to acknowledge my mistakes and learn from them, and I can make 'things' happen. I'm one of those people who you can provide with a task and stay in peace of mind knowing that whatever obstacles are there, at the end of the day, I'll get it done.

How I Make Things Happen

In Technology

What are we without skills? Here's how I self-rated my skills based on feedback received from clients.

  • Digital Marketing99%
  • Project Management99%
  • Web Development80%
  • Business Development72%

Useless Stats

  • 99% Clients Satisfaction Rating
  • 81% clients who worked once with me returned for another project
  • 58% clients recommended me to another client.

In Financial Markets

The world is driven by money, and I love growing money as much as I love growing plants. What is one way to make a difference in people's lives? Well, you can make them some money.


Average ROI per annum


Avg Annual Drawdown


Trades per week


Trades closed in Profit

Organizations I'm Involved With

A quick overview of organizations I spend most of my time.


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